$138,253.99 raised for Paws & Effect

Nolan, a child residing in Polk County, Iowa, was on hand to thank donors. He poses here with Bliss, a puppy the Iowa FOE adopted at the 2013 State Convention. Nolan looks forward to receiving his own autism-assistance dog in July 2014.

Iowa State Worthy President John Kipp, State Charity Chairs Eva Knepp and her late husband Doug, Madam State President Shelley Zimmerman, Nolan, Nicole Shumate, Paws & Effect dog Bliss and Bliss' trainer Cori. Cori also owns and operates Paws & Effects partner facility, 4 Paws Unleashed.

Iowa Fraternal Order of Eagles Donates $138,000!

 The Iowa State Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) recently donated more than $138,000 to Paws & Effect, so that the Central Iowa non-profit trainer of service animals could maintain and expand its production of dogs specially trained for children with autism.


 The donation was the result of fund-raising efforts from 39 FOE chapters, called "aeries," across the state. And donations continue to arrive. "The funds raised will be vitally important in growing and maintaining our efforts to serve children with autism," says Nicole Shumate, executive director of Paws & Effect.


 Service animals are trained to perform physical tasks in support of a specific individual. By law, service animals are granted access to public spaces along with their handlers.


 The cost of a finished service animal can range from $15,000 to $25,000 each, given training, food, veterinary care, uniforms, equipment, and other costs borne by the Paws & Effect organization. Paws & Effect trains service and mobility animals for military veterans, children, and others. Animals are placed at no cost to recipients, and those recipients train directly with their animals prior to the dogs' "graduation."


 Paws & Effect has previously placed three dogs with children with autism, and two more dogs are nearly ready to graduate. A new class of puppies will arrive in the fall.


 Serving children with autism is an outgrowth of Paws & Effects' long-standing commitment to children with special healthcare needs. Through its "Abilities Through Agility" program, Paws & Effect has been working since 2007 with another Central Iowa non-profit, ChildServe, to pair children and therapy animals in pursuing physical-, occupational-, and speech-therapy objectives. Unlike service animals, therapy animals are trained and socialized to serve general populations.


 "For such a small and scrappy organization like ours, those years of experience put us on the cutting edge of developing service animals for children with specialized healthcare needs," says Shumate. "Nationwide, we seem to be one of the leading organizations working in this way."


 The Fraternal Order of Eagles' mission is "an international non-profit organization, [that] unites fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, and by promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope."


 According to the organization, national membership exceeds 850,000, with more than 1,400 local aeries in the United States and Canada. Women's auxiliaries total more than 1,300, with more than 250,000 members.


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The Freedom Rock is a large (approx. 60+ ton) boulder located in rural Iowa that is repainted every year with a different Thank You for our nations Veterans to honor their service to our country.  The artist, Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II, was inspired by the movie Saving Private Ryan, as well as, wanting to give Veterans a unique recognition on Memorial Day.


Sorensen paints The Freedom Rock on his own with the tremendous support of family and friends.  Sorensen is not commissioned to paint the rock but is able to do so each year with the generous help of donations.


While painting murals across the country Sorensen had the idea of spreading the message of The Freedom Rock to other small communities across Iowa.  The idea in part came from the 99 county tours that both Sen. Grassley and journalist Kyle Munson took part in, and so the Freedom Rock Tour was born.


For the next few summers Sorensen and his family will travel the state of Iowa to put a (smaller and unique to their area) Freedom Rock in each county.


During the winter months Sorensen can be found painting indoor murals (or in warm climates outdoor murals) and spending time with his family.


Thanks for visiting and if you have questions about The Freedom Rock, The Tour, or hiring Ray for a mural, be sure to contact us.

The Freedom Rock® Official Website
The Rural Iowa Annual Mural Painting for our Veterans
Painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II

Thank You Veterans for our Freedom.


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