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M.I.N.K. Conference Mission Statement

The "MINK Conference", which is comprised of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, and now the Dakotas making this a 5 state conference, has been established in order to further publicize the Fraternal Order of Eagles, to provide a broader avenue in which to exchange ideas thru informative and educational workshops, to develop teamwork between states, to advance the true meaning of fraternalism, to encourage camaraderie among members and neighboring states, to further promote the ritual, and to finally provide a means for the Aeries and Auxiliaries to speak louder as a united voice in support of our own candidates for Grand offices.

The Now Six State Conference is comprised of Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas and Now Both North Dakota and South Dakota .  This conference shall be held annually on the second weekend in April.  If Easter falls on that weekend, the Conference shall be moved one (1) week prior. 

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